C3P3 tools for bioproduction

The yields or titers of many recombinant proteins or viruses produced with standard expression systems remain a major hurdle.

Eukarÿs develops two generation systems for bioproduction, which both leverages the performances of the C3P3 system:

The current generation transient bioproduction system is more specifically dedicated to the production of recombinant viruses and multimeric protein complexes such as VLPs (virus-like particles) used for vaccination. This first generation system is available under license agreement.

The next generation of the C3P3 bioproduction system will be non-transient and more specifically dedicated to the bioproduction of recombinant proteins, especially monoclonal antibodies.

These artificial expression systems make possible the production of high yields of recombinant proteins or viruses, with the following pros:

Reduces timelines and accelerate decision-making using immediately available C3P3 bioproduction tools requiring minimal optimization efforts

Increases performances by ~5 fold for recombinant proteins in comparison to transient expression – up to 100-fold greater titers of recombinant orthoreoviruses in comparison to existing technologies were also obtained

Reduces the needs of bioproduction capacities, cell culture volume and amounts of reagents

Does not alter cell translation and thereby recombinant protein characteristics