Board of management & Advisors

Guillaume is graduated from Mines ParisTech and the École Polytechnique, where he awarded the scientific prize in economics. His expertise is entirely devoted to technological innovation and its financing. After having contributed to the business development of a software unicorn, Guillaume became in 2017 CEO of Flaminem, a startup specialized in Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence. In 2019, he joined INRIA, the French national research institute in computer sciences, as deputy CEO. After serving as Special Advisor to the President, Guillaume was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Eukarÿs in March 2024.

Mr. Guillaume Prunier, Chief Executive Officer

Philippe is a MD, PhD, is an Hepato-Gastroenterologist, graduated from the medical school at the University Paris VII. He received his PhD in  Human Molecular Genetics from the University Paris VII. Philippe served at several scientific and medical management positions in Pharmaceutical industry (Solvay Pharma, Hoffmann-LaRoche) and Biotechnology (Genset, ProteaBio, AzurRx). Philippe has founded Eukarÿs. He is the inventor of several patents, including all those of Eukarÿs including the C3P3 system.

Dr. Philippe Jais, President & Chief Scientific Officer

Pierre, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, is an entrepreneur and historical investor in the company. Pierre held the Presidency of SORIF, the real estate subsidiary of the Vinci Group, of which he was the founder. He currently holds the Presidency of IDEVI (Paris). Pierre brings his strong entrepreneurial and negotiating experience with large groups.

Mr. Pierre Grange, Administrator

Thierry is the attorney at law of Eukarÿs and a historical investor in the company. Thierry is graduated from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, holds a DEA (now Masters) in Business Law, a Master’s Degree in Tax Management, a Master’s Degree in Common Market Law and a diploma from the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po – EcoFi).

Mr. Thierry Douëb, Administrator

Patrice is an succesful entrepreneur, former elected representative of Essonne and historical investor in the company.

Mr. Patrice Vernet, Administrator

Fabrice, who is the representative of PPRS Ventures, is graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and in Law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Member of SFAF, CEO of Eponyme Partners, director of BodyCap, Fabrice is the former President of PPRS, a company specialized in the development of therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices in the neuroscience field.

Mr. Fabrice Aurousseau, Administrator