EUK-LPR (acronym Eukarÿs Liver ProRegeneration) is the first synthetic gene therapy developed by Eukarÿs. EUK-LPR has been designed to induce the growth of the normal liver following partial hepatectomy – a surgical resection of the liver. In industrialized countries, about 200,000 patients every year undergo a hepatectomy, among which 50,000 patients have major hepatectomy. EUK-LPR aims to decrease the postoperative mortality following major liver resection, which is around 5%-10%, even when performed by experienced surgeons.

Partial hepatectomy is frequently performed for the treatment of primary (e.g. hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, hepatoblastoma) or secondary (e.g. colorectal metastasis) cancers. Therefore, EUK-LPR faces the big challenge of inducing the growth of normal hepatocytes, but not tumor cells and is being developing an innovative solution as part of EUK-LPR to solve this critical warning.

Excellent results were obtained in rats upon administration of EUK-LPR prototype: the mass of normal liver increases by 17% in comparison to controls in just four days after its administration.