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C3P3® Advantages

Advantages of C3P3® Technology for cell applications

The C3P3® expression system being autonomous and dedicated to the expression of the gene(s) of interest to express, there is no competition with the endogenous gene transcription by RNA polymerase II in the host system.

This results in enhanced gene expression and increased protein yields in comparison to reference technologies.

There are many other proven and anticipated advantages:

  • Nonviral technology
  • Works with CpG-free DNA sequences and in serum-free medium
  • Host independent: expression of virtually any gene, in any eukaryotic species
  • Use in any biological system: from acellular reaction mix to living organisms
  • Multigene expression: several genes can be expressed simultaneously in polycistronic-like templates (canonical transcript, splicing and allelic transcript variants, any natural or synthetic transcripts)