About us

Eukarÿs develops and produces mRNA-based therapeutics

Eukarÿs is a privately-held biotechnology company which develops and manufactures therapeutic messenger RNA (mRNA) utilizing its high performance high yield cell-free mRNA production platform, based on its novel C3P3® technology, a non-viral expression technology.

Our mission is to develop clinically effective mRNA-based therapeutics and fill unmet medical needs – initially for rare monogenic diseases in the area of hepatology.

The company will soon launch its first gene therapy program to develop a mRNA-based orphan drug to treat Wilson Disease, a genetic disease that affects approximately 1 in 15,000.

Eukarÿs was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Paris, France. It is the prize-winner and laureate of several contests and is member of biotech clusters:



2009 Prize-winner of the French National Contest for Innovative Technologies Companies






2011 Prize-winner of the French National Contest for Innovative Technologies Companies






Labelled Innovative Companies by French global competitiveness clusters






2013 Laureate of Tremplin Entreprises – Private National Contest for Innovative Technologies Companies in France (French Senate and ESSEC Business School)





2013 Laureate of Techinnov – Event dedicated to innovation in Europe






Member of Medicen Paris Region global competitiveness life science cluster





Active member of French clinical research cluster DHU Hepatinov (hepatology)





Member of Genopole, France’s leading biotech- and biotherapy-dedicated science and business park”







Member of the French Industry and Agro-resource (IAR) Cluster